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Quick for sale: Verity Audio Fidelio in Glossy black. Price negotiable.

Good afternoon everyone. So I Need to sell these to pay a medical bill to be honest. It came up quickly. So I don’t have paper work or the box’s. I do have the floor spikes on them and the missing binding post screw in’s now.So now they are ready to use in your Home. Also the top right corner has a defect but, you can only see up close and is about a size between a dime and a nickel. All drivers are in mint condition and so are the front grills no snags at all. So I would like local pick up or I can meet up to save driving time. I can do apple pay so it shouldn’t cost anyone or cash with the trade or pay pal. So Am open to offers on these almost mint speakers in glossy black. Please send offers or questions to my E mail and I will respond back asap. This my E mail address. Jmboo1922@gmail.com. Thanks Jeff

New Update : The speakers have been sold. Thanks Jeff
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Hi Dave. Here are a few pictures of the speakers and the corner with the finish flaw. The grills are on them at all times. Yes medical bills are getting worse now. The doctor had to have the money up front so now I need to replace what was used. No payment arrangements from the doctor. 🤦🏼. Sorry am local in Canton Michigan zip code is 48188.


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