quick and simple question


2002-07-26 3:06 pm
hello all,
i'm building the preamp on


and i have a quick and simple question about it:
what do they mean with:

Each op-amp should be bypassed with a 10uF/25V electrolytic from each supply lead to ground, and a 100nF capacitor between supply leads (not shown in diagrams).

probably i doubt because i normally dont speak english (its rather a language problem)

i guess they mean this, but i wanna be sure:
+V ... 10 µF ... GND
-V ... 10 µF ... GND
+V ... 100 nF ... -V

another thingy, can i replace the NE5532 with OPA2134 withouth changing the circuit?

best regards,
Ares Lagae
Circuit Dependance

Hello McBain,
You should try several experiments as follows -
+V ... 10 µF ... GND bypassed with +V ... 100 nF ... GND,
- V ... 10 µF ... GND bypassed with - V ... 100 nF ... GND, and
add or remove the +V ... 100 nF ... -V - depending on the application I have found all these additional caps to be a sonic benefit or backward step.
Try foryourself.