Quick and Dirty X-over

I am sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask this.

I need to make a line level (passive or active, I do not know), low and high pass crossover at 200hz, with a first order slope, or even better 120 with a 4th order slope.

If it is active it needs to be able to run on 15vDC, but does not need to be adjustable.

I have figured out how to do line level high pass crossovers with a capacitor, however, I am confused as how to do line level crossovers with a low pass. Thanks!


2005-06-14 6:34 am
How did you do the hi-pass crossover? A 1st order hi-pass would be a capacitor in series with the signal, followed by a resistor to ground. To make a low-pass of the same frequency, exchange the positions of the two components (retaining their component values) - resistor in series, followed by a capacitor to ground.

If your hi-pass doesn't have a resistor to ground, perhaps you took advantage of the input impedance of the following stage to be the equivalent of the resistor to ground; perhaps that's where the confusion is coming from...