Questions on aftermarket head unit for 2010 Ford f150 install....


2010-11-16 5:30 pm
If anyone can help, I know you guys here can!
I have a 2010 F-150 Lariat with no nav/no sony...just a six disc in dash and sync.
I am planning on installing the double din pioneer dvd unit with a couple of different wire harnesses to maintain sync and steering wheel control.
PAC MS-FRD1 for HU and sync
PAC 127 SWIPS for steering wheel controls.

1. I was told that my factory sync screen will still work with the new unit and the harness, is this correct?

2. I will retain all steering wheel controls with the PAC 127 SWIPS, correct?

3. I will lose my aux input correct?

4. Will I still retain the factory bluetooth system?

5. Will the back-up camera and the rear-view screen be affected or is this not part of the sync system and/or the head-unit at all?

If you have anything else to add, the advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!