Questions : Amp Gain and AV Receiver Pre Out

Hi Everyone.

Can someone please help me with these questions.

1. What is the Gain of F5 Turbo V3(44V Rail voltage) and Aleph 2(55 V Rail voltage).
2. What is the Gain of AV Receiver SR6007 (
3. I'll be using PRE OUT from AV receiver to feed F5T and Aleph2. Can I use PRE OUT SW1(Subwoofer1) and SW2(Subwoofer2) as input to Aleph2?

Thank you


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I have a sr6005. The surround backs can be reassigned to use zone 2 or to biamp the front mains. If you want to be able to use one or the other use the Zone 2, but you would be somewhat limited in sources. Both sets of preouts would be active in the other setting.
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Audyssey will do that during auto setup. You also could adjust it manually.

Using direct mode should bypass Audyssey settings. Also turns off the subs. There are other configurations you can do for Audyssey that could limits its control.
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