Questions about my setup

Hey guys!

I have so many questions about my setup so maybe it's best to create a thread regarding my whole setup, and not only the subs or amplifiers or whatever.

Well, i'll try to explain the amplifier part.

The idea is do let the Reckhorn S-1 filter the signal to my Harman Kardon HK3490 amplifier to power the subs. And then from sat-out from the S-1 to something like a tube amplifier to power my Mar-Kel70 (ofc high-passed at 80hz or something to play loud enough).

Here are my other threads:

And then there's another question. How much rockwool should i put in my Mar-Kel70 speakers? I have access to 90mm and 45mm thick rockwool.

And then the biggest question i think... What amplifier should i use to power my Mar-Kel70? I wont need more than 20w, so anything more than 20w would be "wasted money" so to say. I don't need a tube amp but afaik it gives best sound per money spent and the wattage is usually low but still enough for me.
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I've been looking at the NuForce Icon amplifier.

But i'm a little confused on how i change the volume. Is it possible to fix the volume to a specific point and control all using my HK3490 remote control?
And will the HK use the signal from the computer or the signal from the S-1?