Question: Tube Regulated Power Supply


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2012-01-11 11:40 pm
Me and friends are considering to build an Aikido 6SN7 linestage with tube regulated power supply and tube rectification as well.

2 x 5R4 -> LC choke -> electronic choke (330mf cap onboard right at the input) -> Janus -> Series tube regulator (6080, 6SL7 and OB2).

1) If the Tentlabs e-choke is using, is Janus being necessary?

2) What tube will you suggest for Janus if you agree the diagram of above?

I remember using this type of neon valve to stablise a 105Volt supply. Heat ... didn't need any heating on in the room!!
Hopefully you will set it up as if it were a Zener Diode and split the strike voltage to get the required result and not just shunt the HT.
330uF is too high for a valve rectifier, you will strip the cathodes.