question for those using lcd monitors


2005-04-24 3:18 am
I am considering upgrading at some time from my current setup,which is a qa-2500 panel,250w hqi in a elmo hp-l3550h ohp.
I have noticed that this panel and the last one I used have a 'gradient' in the black levels,going from dark at the bottom to grayish at the top.I read somewhere that it is due to the polarizing filter on the lcd.
What I'm wondering is if any of You have seen this effect with lcd monitors,I would assume I would've heard more comments about it if it were too bad,but I was just wondering if they dont always apply them to the lcd screens(certain backlights need them others dont?).Another possible problem with the filter is I beleive it's on the 'back' of the lcd,because when I turn it around,the gradient is even more pronounced(albeit upside down,see ascii)
-Effect of light through filter(*=light,/=filter):
..\ _..*//*

..\ _..*\\*
I know that using split fresnels will help with this by getting parallel light through the lcd,but I would rather use both behind if I can.