Question, and please don't rip me a new ______

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First off, I'm well aware I'm on a DIY forum, and I have built plenty of things myself too, and know the merit of it. But now I'm off to college, and would like some speakers to listen to in my dorm that I don't have to worry about banging up or spilling stuff on...some speakers that aren't a part of me. So I'm looking to buy some stereo speakers to listen to music on, any ideas? I thought about asking this on a different, non DIY forum, but after all the time i've spent here (more reading than posting), I trust your guys opinions over any other audio forum.

Here's some info: I would prefer a maximum height of 14'', and my receiver pumps out 110W per channel. For now at least, I will not be using a sub, so some decent bass is preferable (but I am aware that you won't get too much in a 14'' box)

I know there are probably already some threads like this, but I couldnt find them easily, plus I know how fast the field advances, so my apologies for starting a new one. If you have no idea about premade speakers, or disapprove of me asking this, then I really am sorry, but I love forum so please don't ruin the experience for me.
I didn't put one for a reason, becuase I wanted to get suggestions based on sound quality alone...but I guess you're right, I don't want to have all suggestions in the thousands.

I would prefer if I could find the pair for under 200$, but I don't mind if your suggestions run over that.
Look at the offerings from Paradigm/Athena/PSB in that price range, probably JBL as well. You could also look at online-only offerings from

You may get better recommendations from places like or, even if you don't trust them as much. One thing about DIYers, is they often don't spend a lot of time checking out mass market offerings, particularly in the lower price ranges.
I have another question. I have a friend whose dad is a wholesale retailer for yamaha, and can get me the stuff at factory prices. So I looked at their stuff, and the speakers that fit my criteria are the NS 333...are those decent? Or are they simply blown out of the water by these things you are suggesting.

They retail for 199$, and if I could get them for around 50 or 60, would that be worth it you think?

They say continuous 60W, would they be safe on my 110W amp? I listen to my music soft, almost never going over the -20 dB range.
If you are going to buy speakers, why don't you just go listen to them and pick the ones you like best? For $200/pr you're looking at getting something marginal anyway, so you need to listen to as many as possible to choose which have the least compromises for your listening tastes.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.