Question after searching for RCA for car


2011-01-25 1:17 pm

As I using Android unit that bring some noise I want to replace my poor no name rca cable for fair quality cable.

I read here that ppl use A guitar cable but I am not from those DIY guy.
Unless there is A "ready to go" cable.

But if not A something like this - I want just RCA.
Mid line quality for basic system with sensitive (ears) listener.
Up to 20$.

More questions:

1) LENGTH: I have A small car - LENGTH of 12.20 feet (3.716 meter).
What LENGTH cable should I take?

2) Y-Cable: Also - which one is good for my mid usage?

3) P.S: how is the PAC SNI-35 Line Out Converter?
Is it better in the zone of 15$?

Please: if you bringing links - Amazon is preferred As I am not from u.s

Thank you very much!
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Buy what's available that's easily long enough. You don't want 20ft of extra but you certainly don't want to fall short.

You won't see a difference in most cables unless (possibly) if you run the cable along one of the various computer modules in a vehicle.

The SNI-35 is transformer based and is less likely to cause engine noise than some of the cheaper isolators that have only voltage dividing resistors.
Line Output Converters


2011-01-25 1:17 pm
I only want to order from Amazon.
Regarding your answer of the length: but I asked bc's I do not know which length.
I prefer that it wont be too long.
So for 12.20 feet(which is longer than the distance between the amp to the head unit) -
10 feet should be definitely o.k OR definitely go for 16 feet?
Thank you
The length of the car is not as relevant as the path length the RCA must take in your car.

Measure the exact length along where you intend to run the cable if you like, don’t forget to add extra for running to the amplifier along some sort of amp rack or mounting too.

Even easier than the above is to buy a 20ft cable and hide any extra.

Better too long than too short! :D