Question about Stryke drivers

BAM said:
What are people's general opinions of the SA-071 7" Glass Fibre woofer and the SA-TW1 dome tweeter? I could be convinced to use the Dayton tweeter instead.

Haven't tried them personally yet, but John sent off a pr the MTMs to the last BASSlist get together in LA and they got favorable reviews.

Had a local friend use the Dayton 6 + one of their tweeters. The midbass is nice. The tweeter not so. If it was my money, i'd spend it with John at Stryke (but i always like to support the little guy).

good stuff

I have done business with Stryke before and I am going back for the SA071's for my next project. Probably won't happen for a few more weeks though. For the specs posted, the price is really very good. I expect John has tested the woofers pretty extensively and will give you any help he possibly can. Give him a call at Stryke and he would probably give you a very objective opinion on the driver.