Question about rare Kenwood stereo amp

I was able to get a Kenwood MX-5000 for $60, the amp in not working but is in mint condition. I am on the fence about fixing it.
There is not much information about the amp, it was the last stereo amp by kenwood. It has a fan, is a dual mono amp.

what do you guys make of the MX-5000 ?
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Open it and see what output and input devices are there, and if the power supply is working.
If that is gone, will take some work.
And damage like bulging caps, burnt resistors and so on.

Pictures also.
Look for a schematic.
As such, your question is half primed. You should provide some details like above.
Like we say in India, then let him break his head...

If he cannot judge the amp's circuit, most companies used bought out components, except for maybe Panasonic, then I feel it is a case of incompetence, or it is really rare.

Most consumer equipment has only about one of 20 generic circuits. So if a tech needs help...!

At least put up photos after a clean up, if you need the help.

Kenwood is above median, quite competent. At least one step less than Denon, or the really expensive units, which tend to have complex circuits.
Unless a fool with more enthusiasm than brains has been at it. Then all bets are off.

See here on this forum, how many cries for help for Japanese equipment in general?
They are well built and last years.
The circuits are mostly straight forward, and the component quality is legendary.
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That amp runs on a split 75 Volt bus. Kenwood uses 1 TRAIT5N NPN and 1 TRAIT5P PNP
power darlington transistors per channel. I can't find a data sheet on those devices but
they must be something special as that amp is rated to run at 2 ohms. BUT for less than
6 ohms you set a switch to reduce the power supply Voltages to NOT overload the power
transistors. Those transistors appear to be available for around $10 usd. It is not a dual
mono amp as both channels use the same single power supply. It is a stereo amp with
the capability of running in bridge mode. Normally bridge mode will roughly quadruple
the power but in this amp it only doubles. Also it's a bit odd in that the power seems low
for the supply Voltage.

Fresh pics from the tech


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