Question about light souce


2005-04-21 7:48 pm
Hi guys,
I am just putting some numbers together so my DIY project is, well, not even a project yet. Surely you can help me with this question.

Do you think this light source would be good enough for a 7", one mirror assembly projecting a ~70" image in a dark room?

Would you recommend any other?

And about the ignitor .. Is the power and type of lamp the only two technical things you should know when buying?

bruv, why make things longer for yourself?? 2000h at £50 why don't you just buya normal pj????:D ONLY JOKING!!!!:dead:

go to exclusive-online shop order yourself a 250w hqi pay with credit card or will come in less than 1 week.....for £85 u get

ballast (all components)
holders 4 bulb
a 250w 5100k bulb
and a u.v ir filter!!!

complete set!! for £85 and about £15 delivery = very happy chappy with very very bright pj! i used a 150 on a 5.6" and :bigeyes: was it bright.......don't be a fraid to ask more question people are tight on this forum but hey there are a few that go out of their way :angel: :angel:

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2005-03-17 8:10 pm
Go for the osram 250W UVS daylight, you should find it at your LOCAL illumination store easly. They will order it for you if they dont have it, along with the ballast and ignitor. No need to order it online. Those lamps are very common, not like optics which are very difficult to find in retail shops.

That lamp has about 12000h lifetime and costs 60USD more or less.

Good luck with your project.