Question about ebay in Germany

An older test meter caught my eye on ebay but it was in Weissenburg, Germany and the seller was not shipping to United States.

My question, has any of the members found a way around this?

I understand why a person wouldn't want to ship internationally, but I am truly interested in purchasing this meter if there is a possible way.

Thanks for any assistance you might share.
Indeed, I don't think contacting ebay will help, because they can't override the options the seller chose, but I have bought several items over the years by contacting the seller directly. I can speak French and some Italian, so I've shopped on those local sites over the years.
It's all about customs. I, living in the EU, usually buy from eBay Germany, so that no customs charges are involved and delivery is reasonable. In some cases I find the desired item on (US) only, and once I had to pay a huge import duties on top of delivery costs.
Some sellers don't like to send goods abroad - just because. Contacting them in their language sometimes helps.