2009-12-07 5:49 pm
I have a question about some old amps in my possession. I own a Rockford Fosgate Power BD 1000a1 and Power 400a4 (beyond mint). They came out in 2000 when RF was still engineering and handcrafting amplifiers in the USA. Anyway they have been sitting a long time and have been covered in the box away from moisture. Knowing that that line of amps is built very well, if I decide to use them in my system in 2011, can I expect to get years of good service out of them? I know that the components do not have a shelf life. I know I may or may not need to worry about the capacitors because sometimes they dry out. Can someone please educate me on using amplifiers that have been sitting for a long time?

The only problem with those amps that may need attention is for the capacitors in the BD amp. The 330uf on the primary side of the power supply and the large Mylar caps on the output filter sometimes break loose from the board if there is no silicone/fixative applied to them.

If you apply adhesive (Goop recommended), apply only a small amount. If you apply too much and you need to replace them, it will make it more difficult. For the 330uF, all you need to do is apply enough to bond the tops of the capacitors together. For the Mylars, apply just enough to bond the cap to the inductor.

If something else fails, repair as needed.