Question about Big Caps on power supply of my amp

i am just finishing fully recapping my Moscode 300 amp. I chose Audyn Plus caps and all over, for transparency . Changed also the original photoflash caps with proper caps. So far so good, sound is amazing. I would not say that it changed more than 5-10% after recapping,mids became a bit more lively, the bass opened a bit, highs are transparent and clear, which is to tell how good the design was on first place.

In fact i left the recapping to a knowledgeable repair person, as i did not want to mess sth. My knowledge in electronics is almost 0 :p

So basically i did not mod anything and will not, as it is enough amazing as it is.

Why i am telling you all this? need help with the last bit and done it properly

What is left is the 2 big caps on the PS .

17000µf 75VDC 65x105mm cans and no place for bigger or higher . I think they are serially connected , see picture.

So there are not many options, The 17000µf and 18000µf ones i found are wider or longer. or Chinese "hitachi".

So basically they are quite expensive. I found 2 options:


trusted seller??

2. RS online in my country 2 options:

-Epcos B41458B9229M, 22000μF, ±20%, 100 V dc, 5mΩ, B41458, data sheet here
capacitance Tolerance: 20 %
• Temperature Range: -40 to +85 °C
• Terminals: M5 Thread
• Vibration: 10Hz to 55Hz, 0.75mm or 10g
• IEC climate category: 40/085/56(-40 to +85°C/56 days damp heat test)
• Life Expectancy: 85° C - 12000hrs, 40°C - 200000hrs

? rush current 17000mA

-Kemet ALS31A223MF100, 22000μF, ±20%, 100 V dc, 13mΩ data sheet here

capacitance 22000μF
Electrolytic technology
Voltage 100 Vdc
Dimensions 66 x 105mm
length 105mm
height 105mm
66mm diameter
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 ° C
Maximum Operating Temperature + 85 ° C
Lata aluminum construction
series ALS31
Loss current 6 mA
Lifespan 19000 h @ +85 ° C / 100V dc / Ir, 38000 h @ +85 ° C / 100V dc
Range of dielectric material aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Type terminal screw terminal
Tolerance Plus + 20%
Equivalent Series Resistance 13mΩ
Pin Length 5.5mm
Tolerance ± 20%
Less tolerance -20%
Pin diameter 13mm
Ripple Current 18400mA
Package / Case Can - Screw terminals, Radial


-So, is the kemet capacitor ok? As its 38euro per piece, better priced than the Epcos.
-these 2 from RS online say very long life? Are they alright for my purpose. they say 5 and 12 mega ohm ESR?
-so from 17000mfd to 22000, i read i have to change the bridge rectifier or check? having in mind the series connection
-the ebay capacitor says much less hours life , its cheaper but till it comes here in Europe will be same price ~100 euro for both

Any thoughts?


There really is nothing to "upgrade" for the bridge. It does nothing except limit the voltage across the caps.

I have no idea about that, hence why i am asking. That's what i read somewhere here in this forum i believe, that changing the filter caps with bigger capacity needs checking if the transformer could handle that, changing the bridge with bigger, bypassing the capacitors with some small caps and changing the resistance that bleeds them. or its was for sth totally different and i am simply mistaken, because i misunderstood sth. Of course, the simpler , the better

Don't buy electrolytic capacitors from small suppliers or other weird places as you'll get old parts that'll be useless. You need to get them from big suppliers with a fast turnover rate. Such as Mouser, Digikey, etc.

I wouldn't even :D think of that