quest for ultimate portable all weather sound system

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ultimate portable all weather system

Thanks for the welcome aboard. Forgive the length of this reply.

I'm interested in the best sounding most portable sound-system I can get. A battery powered unit that I can carry comfortably, set up, run for hrs., that would take a light drizzle and maybe a drop in the sand. It will never approach audiophile standers but makes the annual river trip a lot more fun. It is also a great engineering challenge, with its problems ruggedizing, minituraiton, power efficiency and open air acoustics. I'm working with the trade offs of minimizing size, weight and power consumption and maximizing portability and ruggedness (oh yes and good sound).

I'm also interested in an ultra-lite “back packer model” a how lite can you get version, but for now my efforts are going in to something “ not to exceed the weight and and size of a case of beer”

Here is what I've got and what I'm hoping for my next round of improvements. Any advice or pointers to forums posts etc would be great to get

Current version “canoe size” is ; ipod, two s.i. t amps and a 12v 0.6ah sla in a tuperware box, one powering a pair of Jensen MS6101 6 1/2" Coaxial Marine seal cabinet marine speakers, mounted on poles 12' apart at ear level. second t-amp in to a Kentwood XOOX under the car seat style “mini subwoofer” sealed, passive radiator, dual coil, as a center channel.

The next round of improvements are re-caseing the t-amps in a small water restant chasie with a preamp ( TCC TC-780LC from phono and putting some (F-MODS 200k hi cut)
In-line pasive hicut filters on the line in to the amp for the sub woofer.

Upgrading from the t-amps to Charliez D class amp, and getting some basic gasp of the acustic chalinges of open air sound reproduction is what come after that , I think. Any thoughts or ponters would be welcome.


PS audiophiles don't cringe at my stonage efforts, t we wont get this as clear or as loud as what's in your living room( car or power boat for that matter) but its like that cheep hot dog wich taste so good on an open grill at the end of a day spent out side
PPS maby I need a new forum "portabul outdoor systems"?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.