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Quatre Gain Cell Series DG250C & GC500 For sale

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have 2 Quatre GCS Amplifiers for sale. want them gone! offering them together for one price of $100 plus shipping, pick up is fine too. I was excited to get these amps from a friend who had pulled them from a job and decided to give them a try for alternate solid state amp in my home. read what has been posted on this forum about Quatre GCS amps and decide not to keep them as they are sort of the "Triumph" (TR-4) of amplifiers... not very stable and reliable. This combined with the fact that I'm not all that crazy for the sound of the DG250C (only one working properly from the 2 amps) as it seems kinda mid-high hot for my taste. I've heard these make great irons for diy redesigning and building your own amplifier. anyway, i'll be posting pics soon, and want to let it be known that i will donate a percentage of the sale to this forum after sale is final. expecting to move these fairly quickly so they're priced to sell

#1: DG250C works great both channels balanced, real nice cosmetic condition, bares the Gold color "vintage dos" style font to face rack plate 19" x 6" , red led in front.

#2 GC500 needs work. one channel (left i believe) not putting out any more than an low distorted signal. nice cosmetic condition same as the dg200 in looks and from around the same period... have no reason to doubt that the power supply is in good condition.

$100 (plus any shipping charges) takes both amps. offers or trades considered. expect photos soon and/or contact me with any questions. thanks
Re:when shipped

they left our shop on the 6th i believe should be there soon it's in your general location according to tracking info. you should get email noticfication of status and delivery because i included your email address with mine on the email notification page. i'll keep you posted and lemme know when you get them.

best regards
Got them today, they are massive! Well, heavy really. Arrived in advertised cosmetic condition. I haven't had a chance to hook them up yet, maybe tomorrow. They are exactly what I wanted as far as the chassis goes.

Soon I will gut the innards out of them and refurb the chassis. I might be interested in selling all of the working guts if anybody here reads this. Just drop me a PM if you are interested. I was thinking of using them for a few applications I have around the house but I recenly got turned on to some really node Class D modules that would do the trick.

Thanks again for the great deal!
Very easy to make a donation, just click the link at the top of the home page titled "Donations". it is very self explanatory from there on. You can use paypal to do it and the link will walk you through the process. They were giving away really cool T-shirts with your user name on the front in the pocket area....I am not sure if that is still going on though.
Good luck and thanks again, o will post you some pics when I get my projects fitted into these beasts.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.