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Quality prosound woofers, drivers, horns

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All of this stuff is lightly used and in excellent conditions. No solder on terminals, never abused, etc. Some items have gasket foam stuck on the back. Some items don't come with the original shipping boxes, but I'll pack 'em well.

All of these prices are roughly 1/2 of what the item is currently retailing for new as far as I can tell. All prices are per pair.

1. B&C 6NDL38 6" prosound mid-woofers. Excellent motor with shorting ring, decent bass but not super-efficient. Candidate for high-output MTM, maybe even with the Beyma CP-22 below. Two pairs, $125/pair.

2. B&C 15NW76 15" woofer, shorting-ring motor, very smooth in the top end, very dynamic but doesn't go real deep in a reflex box. One pair, $225/pair.

3. Selenium WPU-1509 SLF 15" woofer, solid bass and nice mids especially for the price. One pair, $130/pair.

4. Usher PA-15 woofer, 15" with parameters suited for unusually large enclosures but in return you get genuine deep bass with high efficiency - sorta like the old Altecs. One pair, $230/pair.

5. Beyma CP-755ND 1.4" throat neodymium magnet compression driver, very high quality. I was going to use this in what would have been my top-of-the-line system paired with the B&C 15" and a separate subwoofer, but have decided to stick with smaller format systems. This driver is my nomination for "poor man's TAD 4001". Lovely midrange, extended highs. Smoother than the BMS coaxial but not as extended on top. Two pairs, $596/pair.

6. Beyma CP-22 bullet tweeter, one pair, $149/pair.

7. Beyma TD-250 1" throat large format 90 by 40 degree constant directivity horn. Three-bolt mounting only. Two pairs, $120/pair.

8. DDS 1-110 Pro 1" throat large format 110 by 50 degree nearly constant directivity horn. One pair, $140/pair.

9. DDS 1.4-90X Pro l1.4" throat arge format 90 by 40 degree fiberglass constant directivity horn, excellent match with the Beyma CP-755ND above. Three pairs, $225/pair.

10. Eighteen Sound XT-1086 1" throat 80 by 60 degree constant directivity elliptical horn. Very smooth off-axis response. Two pairs, $45/pair.

11. Crossover schematic for Beyma CP-755ND on DDS 1.4-90X Pro horn and B&C 15NW76, for private use only (no commercial reproductions), $200 with purchase of Beymas and horns. 550 Hz ballpark crossover point. This is just for the schematic - no crossover parts included.

Shipping from Idaho to addresses in the continental US is included in these prices (that's a good deal on the Selenium and Usher woofers given their weight). Buy several items and I'll do an additional few percent off. See something you like and think the price is too high, make me an offer. Shoot me an e-mail at my address below.

Thanks for taking a look.


audiokinesis at yahoo dot com
Hello Eva,

I checked three shipping methods, and by far the least expensive was US Postal Service.

Shipping the two XT-1086 to your secret location in Spain would cost $40.47.

Shipping the two woofers would cost an additional $131.10.

If this sounds okay to you, shoot me an e-mail and we can make payment arrangements.

* * * * *

Frank, I got your e-mail and will let you know.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.