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QUAD of England ESL-63 USA Monitor

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QUAD ESL-63 USA MONITOR Electrostatic Speakers, professionally
rebuilt, in near mint condition 9/10. Consecutive numbers 31709 – 31710. Made in England. This is my third pair in 35 years.

Rebuilt by Wayne Picquet of Quads Unlimited. He rebuilt all the panels, putting new 3.5 micron mylar film with high resistance conductive coating applied. The copper plates of the inner two elements are etched with the annular rings of the delay line. Refinished wood top caps and new grille cloths. Bases have the Wima capped high voltage Reference EHT boards, zener protection boards and newer spark arrestor boards from
Kent McCollum’s Electrostatic Solutions.

The spark arrestor board works before the transformer at amplifier voltages and the zener clamp board works after the transformer on high voltage. Cardas binding posts and upgraded input caps.


Pair of 10' Belden high performance speaker cables, 99.99% pure US Made copper, premium jacket symmetrical field-balanced winding geometry with heavy duty gold platted banana plugs. Pair 10' AC cables, QUAD brochure and copy of instructions manual. I discarded the boxes years ago.

Local pick up highly encouraged.

Will ship only within 48 US Continental States. $2.500


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