Quad 77CD player is a no go


the 77CD hasn`t got any adjustment facilities inside. The whole servo circuit is digital. I would suggest to change the Pickup first, this is the main problem which occurs. However QUAD had some problems when releasing the item in the middle 90`s, and so it came that they issued a second release of the servo software. Normally the sofware version is displayed for some seconds after switching the unit on. If not, you may check out the version of your player by dismantling the transport and look for a badge on one of the larger IC`s, such as "QUAD77CD Ver X.XX". You should at least have version 1.9... Earlier versions had various malfunctions.


thanks for your reply audiomatic.
If I load a disc it just sits there the display shows something like
-- -----
There is no loading sound to be heard and the counter will not display any TOC.
I took the transport apart and the small square (MPU?) chip has V2.1. The servo pcb# is 137913A. Assuming it is a faulty pickup do you know what Phillips part that will fit?