Quad 405-2 Degraded Sound?


2008-03-29 12:02 pm
Hello All,
I have a Quad 405-2 + 44 combo that I have had from new which I guess makes them 20 years old now.

Recently the sound seems to have gone rather "thin" with lack of bass & definition. Having searched through the forums I guess this is the PSU capacitors in the 405 having aged but before investing in new ones would like to hear from anyone with similar experience.
There also seems to be some debate over what value & type of capacitor to use as replacement.

Any help & advice welcome!

Best regards,
QUAD 405-2 reborn

Hi , Greg
You , can find something here http://www.quad405.com/
BW my new Quad 405-2 reborn
:D regards alex mm