Quad 2905 led

I’ve a pair of 2905s but on one, the variable led badge does not work (at all). I thought it would be a simple case of replacing a bulb, but looks like it’s not.
Could it be the bulb, or the supply to it, and what would I check to find out ?
I assume I would need access to the electronics section in the base, but very wary of starting to dismantle the panels.
Anyone had this problem ? It’s not vital I know and the speakers work beautifully otherwise.


2008-03-07 8:37 am
"...Put that light out!
Halfway through the listening, we thought we had got
the measure of this review ESL, and then I got round to
turning off the illuminated Quad badges. Operating in
an admittedly high resolution reference system, powering
down the panel logo had a quite dramatic effect on
sound quality, removing a certain colouration that I can
only liken to the twang of a stretched plastic bag. Some
excess grain and grit in the treble, by no means serious
but certainly audible, also almost vanished. Clarity, focus,
image depth and dynamics were all significantly improved,
to the same sort of degree as you might get by changing to
a better amplifier"
This is an excerpt of Martin Colloms review of the 2805 in Hi FI Critics 2007.
It may well be that in the meantime Quad has solved the issue.
Sheldon do you know if at that time the light source was a neon bulb?