QSX Mark III "normal" phono amp


New nice pcb's of my "normal" phono amp will arrive in a week or two. Those who don't laugh at me please go on reading. The other ones, stop reading at once. It's bad for your health!;)

The amp is a blueprint of the application note from LT. Those of you who really want to make this amp exactly as the original can do that. In order to please myself I have made a few enhancements.

Any (almost) opamp will fit including offset adjustment and DC-servo.

The buffer is the LT1010 but for conveinience (wrong spelling?) I have made room for a convential buffer with transistors.

On the board there are also regulators and rectifiers so 2 x 18-24 VAC/DC is all you need.

If anybody wants to build this amp before I have debugged the pcb's feel free to do so.


I have also a bunch of LT1028 (better DC specs than LT1115) for sale.
It's a way of getting attention and I succeed. I myself gets very happy when I see others showing their work how "ugly" they may be. I know the feeling in doing something and make it working.

I had my thrill when I listened to my monster phono amp for the first time. I will soon have more thrills, I hope. I'm also honoured that Mr. "The one and only" have some respect for me despite the complexity in what I do.
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