QSC 5050a

So I have a QSC RMX-5050a with a blown R268-3.9 Ω. It is tied to a C163-.1uf 250v. The RC leg is tied between E103 Transformer CT and E102 & E104 GND connection Bridge mono return path. Is this a Zobel?

I'm not sure the status of the amp other than it may have shorted outputs. I currently do not have a line cord so I'm unable to power up and determine status.

I've checked the outputs that I can get to without further disassembly an so far looks good with ohmmeter check.

I do have schematics and having just fixed a PXL-3602 I'm somewhat familiar with the topology.

So, does anyone know if the R268 failure is a common issue or what may have caused it to fail and what else I need to look out for?

Also, What other issue I might find. I have two of these beast I'm working on.

Any advice would be welcome.

Regards, Bill
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