Q about connecting transformer 6v-0-6v


I've got a 6v-0-6v / 5A transformer which is used to power a simple Crystal c3310 Volume remote control preamplifier kit.

My question is: Can I use the same transformer to power a speaker protection board which requires 12VAC? (And still have the transformer connected to the pre-amp with the 6-0-6 input)

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Electrical stuff are not exactly my best field, so bear with me if I give you the wrong info.

I believe that the protection circuit does not need a reference to zero volts. It just has a 12VAC input feeding the board; in total 2 inputs which is supposed to be fed by a standard 12VAC transformer with no CT.

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So, not counting the AC input there are two (stereo) inputs and two (stereo) outputs for the speaker signal. The speaker signal just passes through the Relays and connects to the speaker output terminals. There a start-up delay of about three seconds when applying the 12VAC to the board. The board is receiving 12VAC as long as the amplifier is running. (The power amp section is running on a separate transformer).

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