PWM Power Supply

I have recently created a 30V/3A DC-DC Converter from a 12 volt battery and was wondering if 2 of these would produce enough power +/-30V @ 6A peak to power a good sized car amplifier. Basically with 2 positive DC-DC converters I can make the +/- supply by connecting them in series and making an analog ground between the 2. My question is basically if this is enough power, the ripple current is less than 10mA and the voltage regulation is +/-1%, good enough??
good !

I like what you have done,by what you have said ,it looks like you are trying to up the current rating of your supply ,in theory it should work .The supplys should be identical with the same specs(well as close as possible).I too am trying to build a car amp ,so far the supply is the killer let me know if you are able any success.
if you use these 2 supplies in series to get +-30V it will only supply 3 amps..........

you need way more current than that ..... dont think amps, think 10's of amps ...... eg. 100 into 4 ohms will need a supply capable of +-30V @ 8 Amps MINIMUM! in practice you would want probably 10 if the amp has a soft start circuit and way more than that if it doesnt ...... generally speaking though, you cant live without a soft start circuit in even a low power car amp due to the turn on current draw.

Yeah, but these circuit are so small I can have one of these power supplies for every channel, the use a small PWM IC from NSC and a 10A coil and N-Channel FET to drive the current. To think of what I actually have is a 60V supply capable of supplying 6A so I should be able to get 2 of these to drive 12A at +/-60V, that should be enough to drive every channel, I can build one of these on a 4" square board and maybe even get the supply up to 20A with some new component values or by stacking these supplies up, let me know what you think. This converter is also a boost converter, I can use the same IC to drive a transformer to get as much current as my battery can provide in flyback mode. DC-DC Converters are tough :(

- Mike
ahhhh, missed the critical flaw in my thinking. Now I think I see the problem anywayz. I am going to try going down a new road with a SWPS and hopefully can get the current out of it. Does anyone happen to use PSPICE to do center tapped transformers? Mine does not seem to like them very much.

- Mike
one other thought,

due to the generally low impedance of car speaker setups, increased current drive is needed ..... if you use +/-60V you will probably find you need at least 20-30A to make it viable ....... remember, as voltage increases, so does current draw ........... also remember the importance of a soft start circuit in the situation .....