putting sub in smaller box, and making an eq to compenste freq resp.


2002-05-08 2:51 am
I built my first subwoofer last weekend and I love it to death, but........... Its just too big to be honest with you. so i got to thinking, I see in the magazines all the time, a big speaker in a small box producing mega low bass.HMmmmmmmmmmm. How the $#@! do they do it? My best guess is a shelving equalizer and plenty of wattage. so I think I am going to put my 15" dayton DVC sub into a 2 cu ft box with an adjustable shelving equalizer, simple to design and build. Has any one had an experience with this? ideas? suggestions?

My diy sub by the way is a sonosub 4 feet tall, with the above transducer and a partsexpress 250 watt amp ($99 special) I used winisd, winspeakerz, boxplot, pen and paper(and calculator), lsplab, and lastly winsub to design the speaker. they all had pretty much the same thing to say. No pictures though (sorry!) maybe ill take some with this next smaller sub.

p.s. I couldn't search the forum for previous threads, my computer crashes constantly (damn gateway) sorry!