push-pull extendible plugged enclosure

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Had a couple of ideas for a "tunable" real time volume adjustable design to be made from PVC... large pieces. For simplicity and quality i choose the push pull concept... here is a picture


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So i'd like to explain myself further as i was brief above.

My goal here to create the best sound with the cheapest materials... least accuracy dependent approach, whistl still being technologically intuitive.

It's more of for an art project, where it will be build on location and space won't really be limited. the PVC will probably slide manually with no motors.. the distance between the push pull speakers will probably be fixed, though it would be interesting to allow them to be adjustable.

Is a push pull with an open ended tunable tube a feasible project to make some cheap good sound?
I think I saw (advertisement on magazines ) some subwoofers ,only one driver ,that had a set of 3 or four different length ducts ,and that was for fine tuning the response to the room . But that ,after settling with the right one ,would have ended the game . What is the purpose of having a variable length ? Once you find the 'perfect' alignment , you're done ...
Reminds me of the Blue Man Group kind of thing

At least the sub can be tuned manually to fit the needs at the time and to adjust to the room. Move the sub to a new room or different building? Collapse the tubes for easy transport--setup and adjust to a different room would be great.

Back in my DJ days, moving those 157 pound 4 foot tall cabinets got old very quickly!
well... in all honesty it's a culmination of different ideas.

I heard about this show where Prodigy wouldn't play unless they had full control over the phase and delay of the subs. It got me thinking: they are the musicians and i'm sure at their level they know exactly what they want... the speakers are basically their giant instruments.

you know how each time the DJ drop's his next track he takes a sec to set the EQ... so the bass sounds right? Well it would be cool if he also took a second to adjust the tuning of the subwoofers to compliment that particular kick drum sound. if the tuning were motor adjustable whatever electronics you used to tune one could sync all of them.

This idea is 90% show... transprent walls would be cool, led and smoke machines inside the subwoofer would be cool... the problem is if one woofer is facing outwards, maybe the adjustable side should have a section that's adjustable.. but after that have it taper down into a transmission line design to load a little more compression into the equation. Having the woofer faciing forward is a feature I like, people like to look at woofers.
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