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Purifi, Various drivers and parts, Linaeum, Sony Electrostatic - UK

Various parts and spares for sale

  • Purifi PTT6.5 bass driver (x1)
  • Purifi PTT6.5PR-NF1-01 (x1)
  • Purifi crossover
  • Single speaker (for above)
  • Various full range, mid, bass, drivers from 1" to 6"
  • NXT, BMR drivers
  • Various tweeters
  • Seas 27TBCD/GB-DXT H1499-06 tweeter (PMC, ATC, Harbeth etc)
  • Optimus/Genexxa (Linaeum) dipole ribbon tweeters/speakers x6
  • Pair of Sony SA-S1 electrostatic tweeters with PSU driver boards
  • Aktimate (Creek/Epos) Mini (x4) Micro (x2) active speakers working for spares repair
  • Various amp boards, crossovers
  • BOSE BrightSign HD-972, EMTEC and Dvico media players, ReQuest N Series various HDD and drives
  • AudioEngine D2 wireless DAC receiver
  • Harbeth DPM1 (HHB Circle 5) Monitors
  • Various cables

Collection from OX10, Oxford, UK. Could post

Open to offers, PX etc
I could also be interested in the Seas DXT tweeter, among other things. If you're able to provide more information on what you have, and prices, it would be good if you could post it here, on the public thread you started, where everyone who might be interested can see it.