Punch 75 DCV on the speaker outputs

I have an old school Rockford Fosgate Punch 75 with internal 15amp fuses.I am getting DC voltage out both channels I have checked all driver and output stage transisters with my trusty Simpson they seem to be fine.
I am thinking it is going to be a bad op am there are three in these old amps how do I know which one is the culpret.
After Measuring the DCV on both channells

After measuring the DCV coming out of both chanells I found the voltage to be positive +-23 volts from the Orange wire to the black wire and a negative +-23 volts from the yellow to the Brown .
Keep in mind these amps use reverse wiring to bridge the amp.Between the two Hots or the bridge mode I found no voltage.Which means the negative voltage I measured was really a positive voltage. I hope I put that right.
Check the D40D8 and D41D8 drivers to see if they are shorted.

Check the fuses with a multimeter, and check the fuse holders to make sure there is good contact between the fuses and receptacle and to the board.

You could have a bad op-amp but usually you will have no audio if that's the case.

If this amp is using fuses in the speaker harness check them as well.