Punch 60ix

Board # 0764-f

Worked fine on the bench in stereo but, when installed mono, it acted like the power was "pulsing" as it would play shortly then off a fraction of a second and so on. The LED would dim and then brighten.

I found a burnt trace located in between the row of resistors R12-R14 and the crossover card.

Does anyone know what may be the cause?

60IX board


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Uninstalled my head unit and discovered I may have used the power antenna lead as a remote by mistake. It may not have been the amp?

Disassembled it to find out the battery is dead in my meter with no spare. I may have isolated a defective diode before the meter went down but not sure. Back in my truck it goes until I get another chance to look at it.

It's a long shot but does anyone happen to have a schematic for an Alpine CDEW265BT?