Pulse generator discovery

I use an old Sound Colony kit "The Pulser" for measuring the real offset/delay of drivers. Nifty box that sets a half wave pulse at some interval. Hook up a scope and trigger on the pulse, delay sweep to see the result, adjust the pulse width to be the center of the crossover, then move the drivers to get the cleanest looking pulse. Easy. Well, no.

First is lugging out the scope. Power cords, plug it all in etc.

I bought Zalescope for my PC LF measurements. Works well for AF. But I was still stuck with the big hardware pulse generator. How hard can that be? Found the solution. Its called of all things "Tone" from Tovaln. Just pick the pulse ^2 option. Works just like the hardware box.

Now if Zalescope would just let my use my 192K Profire , I could do away with the big old Tektronix. Alas, I am stuck as 44.1K. Not enough for doing amplifier work.