Pulling out dented dust caps


2014-03-16 9:51 pm
Hi, I have bought a Sony Pascal package but all 5 speakers have dented dust caps, so on a speaker that small I think a hoover is out of the question as mine has no variable suction. So, would that be ok still? Or?

Lastly, my B&Ws, DM604 S3's, which has the metal dust caps, has one of the midranges dust covers is badly squashed and a few minor dents to the bass drivers. Is it possible to use a hoover on metal/tin dust cap covers?
There are more than a few threads that describe measures to repair damaged dustups.

Tape, vacuum cleaner, pin, i have found it usually does not work. The material the dustcap is made of and its shape play a big role in how successful you are. Of course how much they have been dented also plays a big role.

One of my clients found an alternative (for his Fostex FE127), that worked. FE12x dustcap fix

If they are too far gone (often the case), removing them and installing some sort of phas eplugs works too.