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hi to all

PT2258 is 6 channel digitally volume controller IC which work I2C serial bus
and my chip amp is STK4192II and i want to make PCB for PT2258 and connect that to STK4192II
what i do to making PT2258 board without any noise?

my problem how to use power source chipamd , microprossor , PT2258 , how to distribution AGND & DGND and any more....
There are hundreds of papers discussing pcb design on these issues. Google!
The most important are: dilligint seperation of all analog supplies and digital supplies (often to the point of seperate secondary transformer windings), physical separation of a & d signal planes and proper grounding schems (think star-ground).
After all that, you will often find that, to get a really quiet board, you will need to do some (often not so minor) correction to your layout.
It is a true learning experience. Cheers, and good luck! E
Start here, and a few more links in the attached file.
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Look at the ground, you have it routed and fastened to the copper pour, where the power connector in is, use the copper pour only to get maximum ground coverage (remove the routes), a ground plane and a two layer design would be much better. You also have unconnected copper areas, these would be better removed. And finaly no local decoupling at the IC's power pins is obvious?


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A ground plane is a contigous (unbroken) plane of copper that allows the digital signals (and higher frequecy analogue) o have an unbroken return path underneath the signal trace (path of least inductance). A broken copper pour between tracks is copper flooding and whilst better than ground trun as traces is not a ground plane.
Some links: _JohnWu.pdf