PSUD 2.10 released

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A "Windows 10 friendly" PSUD 2.10 has been released today, the only significant change is the placement of the rectifiers.txt file. This has traditionally been installed in the Program Files area, however Windows 10 will raise a permissions error if you try and amend anything in those locations making edits impossible. Download link is Download

The file now sits in (typically!) C:\Users\my-login-name\AppData\Roaming\psud2\rectifiers.txt so it's possible to make edits as you wish.

Other changes incorporated were the changes in Beta builds 57-61 which were not on public release:

  • Fixed memory leak
  • New installer package, now asks if you want to overwrite rectifiers.txt
  • Options | Auto table width added
  • Tidied up HTML help screens
  • Chart toolbar removed, didn't work well with new system and you can carry out the operations with the mouse anywayHelp pages updated to include a menu
  • Edit rectifier properties now has link to "how to" for adding rectifiers
  • Formatting issues with dialog boxes now fixed
  • Chart handling much improved, mouse middle wheel etc.
  • Legend box broken out to a different area
  • Help file now contains latest changes (selectable from menu)
  • Fixed problem with I(T1) on FW rectifier (only showing half cycle)
Other news #1: Work continues on PSUD3 but it's a ground up rewrite as the technology in PSUD2 is broken as designed. As a result, it's taking more time than I would have liked. On a positive note, all simulations are working and giving very accurate results so it's the user interface that now needs to be sorted out. More work will get done during the Christmas break and hopefully this will take it to a Beta early in the new year.

Other news #2: I'm also looking at the long overdue task of separating the rectifiers.txt file out into individual .rect files in XML format to make sharing and editing easier. This would be used with an analysis add-on to make it easier to add your own rectifiers. There's a possibility this would come out as a PSUD 2.11 as well as being in the new PSUD3.

That's it for now, please put any questions/feedback as a reply to the post, thanks!


Just a follow up on this, I've looked at ways for providing a Mac development environment. I'm a big user of VirtualBox and I understand it's possible to simulate a Mac on this, however every piece of information I've seen says that this is against the Apple T's and C's unless VirtualBox is running on a Mac (i.e. you need the Mac hardware!)

So.... I have emptied out my life savings and splashed out on a new MacBook Pro. I'll have a fiddle around with this over the Christmas break and see if I can port some stuff over to it.

A word of warning - I am likely to be on the look out for some willing victims who can help me Beta test stuff before it goes out on the streets. Probably half a dozen people or so.

The MacBook is being delivered today, more news in around 7-10 days time when I've had a chance to take a tour of it and learn something totally new.

Thanks for the support.

I did a test compile last night (after familiarising myself with the slightly different world of the Mac), and the news is positive. I got a simulation to run, but the screen looks ugly and there are loads of things in the background that don't work properly.

Hopefully have something fit for public consumption in a couple of weeks.

PSUD II Won't Run

Installed PSUD2 off the Duncanamp webiste.

Unfortunately, when I try to run the program, a psud2 error window pops up indicating "Invalid filename". There's an option to ignore the error and selecting that results in another psud2 error window saying "Access violation". Anyone else having this problem and know how to get around it?

Does anyone know where to find a copy of the previous version so I can use that while trying to fix the problem with the recent release?



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Installed PSUD2...a psud2 error window pops up indicating "Invalid filename". ...another psud2 error window saying "Access violation". ...

What exact build of PSDU (if you can get to the Help box)?

Since it is causing filesystem complaints: What Operating System??

What folder is the EXE installed into? (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\PSU Designer II ) Are you running with administrator powers?
PRR, your questions were very helpful, thank you.

The previous version ran without admin privileges no problems at all. I can't run applications that require admin privileges on the computer I was originally using so I loaded it on another computer that is junked and ran it with admin privileges and it ran no problem! Strange that the application should require admin privileges. I hope this can be changed in a future update.

Thanks PRR, your insight much appreciated and has allowed me to progress.
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