PSU Rectifying Diodes - Help needed

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Wanna replace the stock rectifier diodes in Sony x505 cd player. The CDP has two separate PS transformers (analog + digital).

I'm planning to use Fairchild stealth from for both analog + digital diode bridges. But - bummer -the ones in analog part have three pins (cathode is middle leg), so i think i can't use any one from percyaudio (or partsconnexion etc.)? Can you recommend schottkys or FREDs that have these three leg configuration?

In digital part of board (diodes D951-954), is it a problem if i put in TO-220 package diodes (don't think so). original ones are only 40V/2A, smallest fairchild stealth are 600V/4A. Could this lead to problems?
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Thanks for help. Best regards, aircondition ;)
The three pin diodes are actually two diodes in one package, so you'll be able to mount twopin diodes in the holes.
Your pics already show you how to do it (CAVE polarity does matter !)
Just remember that sometimes the package can be connected to the cathode, so don't let the packages touch each other.

You can mount any diode you want, as long as it's equal or better then the original ones.
You may want to look at the byv27 series for those though, these could be a good replacement....

Thx for the replies. I've ordered some 3pin Fairchild stealth from mouser and put them in the analog PSU. And WOW - the difference is all for the better, less grain, more soundstage, *much* better bass reproduction. Really great upgrade. :cool:

But in the digital section of the PSU I'm hesitating which ones to use. I have an eye on the Fairchild stealth here, too. But they could be overkill, as the smallest stealths are specified for 4A 600V and stock ones are 2A 40V SCHOTTKYs from Fuji SC.

My Quesion: As the original 4 digital psu diodes are already schottkys and I have compared the datasheets with eg. Fairchild 1N5822 or BYV27, the Voltage drop values etc. There is just a small difference in specs so I don't know if it's a good idea to swap "schottkys with schottkys", you know what i mean? Is there eventually more to diodes than specs alone (eg newer = better?)

Thanks & Regards, aircondi
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.