psu problems


i'm looking to replace a broken psu board for my music server and i'm looking for the following outputs and hope that someone might be able to help.....i've searched( and paid ) for months for schematics but i am unable to find one


i've got someone competent assisting but would prefer a ready made board but would consider building from scratch if i need to

many thanks
A quick search in the PS forum using the search tab will yeild many+many results. I would highly suggest to read and read and read virtually every post starting from this most recent post going all the way back to 2004 +ish+ (yes that is about 60 pages backwards). Lots of reading and a wealth of info+designs+design tips+schematics+topologies+etc.etc.

It only took me 4 days to run through 60+ pages before I started running into 'semi-obsolete' to 'osolete' items. I know it is alot of hassle to do such 'reading' but it is absolutely necessary if you are a true diy'er.

Sorry if we all do not have the magic wand to wave and *poof* you have a viable/realistic/stable PS board that someone has/is willing to sell just by posting a "I need a supply board delivering xV/yV/zV" There are alot of other variables involved in designing a ps + board. As a true diy'er you will need to do some (alot) of research. Hence the diy mentality to 'learn'.

I am not trying to be cynical or sarcastic in this posting just stating a fact that I have read/read/reread time and time again all over the diyaudio forums. You must learn to be able to do.

Once you find a topology/schematic/maybe even a board then you post your findings (insert aplicable reference link here) asking questions as to how to modify this/and that on the circuits (or even if modification is possible on said circuit).

I am quite sure/positive that there are many here at this forum that is not only willing but glad to help you in that endevor.

I wish you the best in your quest.