psu for marantz dh9300 is there a replacement or schematic available?


i'm a newbie, so hope i'm asking this in the right section as my query relates more to parts than the actual dh9300 itself

i have a marantz dh9300 musicserver with a problem on the psu board....have swapped a few components but still not getting any joy with it.... i found a brand new original board, but at £150 its a bit rich for my blood, and if i have to spend that amount, i would to be ending up with a better performing board than the original

does anyone happen to have a schematic for the model or could someone tell me if it is possible to attach another ready made psu or build my own once i can find out the required input and output voltages?

i'm new to the electronics lark and have my father helping me out, so sorry if the psu question is something i should probably know if i'm dabbling with electronics!

many thanks