PS1 1001 will not play


2010-01-13 5:24 pm
Yes I have read most of the 'dedicated' Playstation thread but am not finding a solution. I got a 1995 unit that will come on, play the Sony intro music but then nothing. The laser seems to work correctly looking at another few units I have. If I place a CD in the tray and hold the door switch it will spin smoothly but it will not recognise any input from the controller.

I have used know good controllers, tried both ports, tried the unit upside down and on it's side, replaced the ribbon from the controller board to the main board, replaced the controller board and even said please.

Could it still be the laser assembly? I have not swapted that out yet.
Thinking in may be a bad main board.
Any ideas/other things to try? :eek:


2010-03-24 9:47 am
Try changing to a different laser assembly. Might be the CD motor not the laser.

Another thing is to adjust the voltage of the potentiometers (2 on the main board, 1 on the laser ribbon).

Try getting a toothbrush and brushing the contacts of the port on the back of the unit (parallel and serial ports).