Ps. Caps For Parasound New Classic 2125 Amp

Hi john, yeah i guess this would be considered one of their entry level amps. seems to sound good better, than the onkyo amp i replaced. being on a limited income retired/disabled it took awhile to save up for but so far, it does pretty good with my Adcom GFP 565 Preamp. the ps caps are Jamicon brand. are these pretty crappy caps? if so what would you recommend for possible upgrades that are not real expensive such as Black Gate etc. also, if i add capacitance, should i add two more Jamicon or, other brand of 6800uf 80v caps in parallel with the existing type vs say two 10,000uf caps? i plan to google the two bridge rectifiers to find specs. i have some stealth diodes that might be an improvement to replace the inline package bridges once i find out the scoop on the originals. as i say, the amp sounds better than the one i replaced but, if there are a few mods to improve it more without alot of cost i'd like to mod it a little. by the way, i have seen some of the Parasounds you designed and they are remarkable! great work! thanks :)