Protection on deaf bounce 2000.1

Working on this amp ..5 output mosfet was bad.i changed them out and it still on protect mode ..I even took out all the output mosfets to see if it come back on.i still is on protect .any one ever worked on these amp


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That board looks almost the same as the DD DM2500.1

The PMW circuit is on the board see picture below. What I have found on DD board when the outputs fails sometimes the buffer transistors fail as well. These transistors are SMD type. Check those transistor out.

From the picture that you have posted I have circled the PWM circuit for you.
If it's like the DD2500, there isn't much that can keep the amp in protect and the supply running.

When in protect, do you have output pulses (pins 9 and 10) from the TL494 driver IC?

When in protect, is the power LED on at the same time that the protect LED is on? Or does the power LED only flash as the remote voltage is removed?