Protection diodes on DSD/PCM-1792/94 current-outputs?

Der Dude said:
Hi all,

does anybody know if there are protection diodes on the current-outputs
of the DSD/PCM-1792/94-DACs like in the PCM-1702/04-family?

Might be a nice information, when playing around
with non-OP I/V-stages.



No clue. Asking the manufacturer won't help, they never responded to any of my Emails. We'd possible have to measure it.
kevinkr said:
Probably doesn't matter.. Depending on the internal architecture of the dac monotonicity suffers badly if there is more than a few mV of signal present on the current outputs of the dacs. Any I/V converter should probably keep that point within a mV of ac ground anyway.



Yes, this requires < 1 ohm transfer impedance. The output of most "current output" DACs isn't that high, e.g PCM63 is 700 ohm.

I have used the DSD 1792 similar to PCM 1792 and with open output it goes close to 5V so it seems like there is no protection.
I have used it with a 47ohm resistor on the output without any problems. As i remember it there is a offset of the current so it goes between 2 and 10 mA where 6mA is zero.

Kind regards