projection systems

gidday, can anyone tell me if it's possible to use a film&slide projector for a projection system. i have a rank aldis slide projector with the following stats, dimensions are 482x298x190
would i be able to squeeze an lcd in there?,cooling is a double action turbo fan which is fairly quiet,optical is 24v lamp 250 watt
type a1/223 tungstan halogen, lumens per sq ft approx 600 plus.
the lens system consists of a reflector,aspheric condenser,2 heat absorbing filters and a front condenser. from about 3 metres it throws a 2m x 1.5m light approx that varies of course depending on the lenses used, this thing may be totally useless but it seems ideal in a lot of ways. it is of course 250 volts ac converted down to 24v for the light, any help would be greatly appreciated:)