Projecting a Non-LCD Image?


2005-07-29 7:05 am
Hey guys- a little different question here- and I just want to ask about the THEORY of this...

Im working on a special effects project. Let's say I setup a projector, lens, etc etc but instead of using an LCD for the image- let's say I use a plastic toy of some sort- say an Army Man. Now, provided that the Army Man is lit from the FRONT and he also FACES the front (and the lens)- would the image of the Army man be projected up on the wall? I'm not familiar with how lens' work, but just checking it out. Provided that you have a large enough lens (and smally enough army man to fit it)- in theory- can you project the image of something like this? Again, assuming the lighting is setup right to light up the front, and not the back. How, or can, this work?