Project suggestions..Please

I recently acquired a second set of Electro Voice EVM12L drivers and have been looking for a fairly simple project for them....nothing fancy. Any suggestions from you speaker gurus? And yes...I know this is a loaded question....just thought the some of you guys could throw some ideas my way…send me to sites, etc.

Just looking for something to do.

I will give some system details….I will be driving new speakers with a tube amp which uses 4 6550 power tubes…not exactly sure of the wattage….around 150 – 165 I think.

I also have 2 NAD 100 watt solid state amps and four 8 watt SET amps from Akai R2R decks (nice sounding – may get rid of 2 of them)

I also have a gainclone (3886 kit which is not quite finished…sounds nice but needs a little work.

I am looking to spend probably no more than a thousand bucks.

I have been here - (under plans: 150hz Tactrix) but they look a little time consuming…but nice. Was wondering if anyone else had built these?

I am not opposed to building a three way horn system….just want to keep the cost/build time down.

So, I have done a little research but I have not seem a lot of DIY projects with these pro series drivers.

If you search there are EV spec. sheets which give their recommendations; they're relatively insensitive to box size so a ported EBS alignment in a small box (~40L?) seems best.
However I don't really think these are suitable for HiFi (they're guitar speakers)- they're only flat between ~ 80-800Hz, which means you'd probably need a 4-way design to use them, and they have a huge peak which would need to be dealt with.
Frankly, if I had a grand to spend on speakers, I'd buy some high quality scandinavian drivers, - you could build an amazing system with that much dough....