• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

project help

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If the output tubes are 6V6, the transformers could have a primary impedence of 5000-7000 ohms or so. Eric Barbour has a great 45 single ended amp project published in Glass Audio that uses 45 output tubes with a single 6sn7 driver tube. He stated in his article that push-pull trannies of 4000-6000 ohms can be used, since the low current draw,25ma., of each 45 tube will not saturate the core, and expensive single ended trannies are not needed. Nedds to be able to handle at least 20 watts though. What was the power output of your HK?
I am building the project myself, and was looking for 5000 ohm 20 watt push pulls, but couldn't find them for less than new ubt-2's. The ubt-2 is his alternate recomendation. There is supposedly a commercial design out there based on Barbours project, and supposedly great sounding.
If you want to stick with push-pull amp projects, your opt's should work with el-34's. A nice sounding pp tube in my opinion.
Good Luck.
HK trannies

I heard a HK PP 6V6 reciever and I would have to say it is up with the better amps that I have heard period. I truly love SE but the HK was really top notch and for myself I would go PP 6V6. You want to go SE stay 6V6. All kinds of them out there, good sounding tubes, and not expensive. I believe I have 6 matched quads of different brands and or types that I am keeping just for the time I get a good 6V6 amp.
hey i'm learning alot as i go here, i found a schem for a amp that i wanted to build and it even had a chassis layout so i cut a real nice alum plate and drilled it at work. when i got it home and started looking at my hk reciever i noticed that i has only 3 wires feeding the primary side of the opt xformer and the schem that i wanted to buid has 5 wires on the primary side. so now i have this reall nice piece of cut and drilled alum plate that i cant use and cant find a scematic for something that i want to build that uses 6v6's and 3 wire primary opt xformers. but still i'm learnig and kinda enjoying looking around the web at all of the tube audio sites..........
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