Project help: 78/LP flip cartridge

First of all, forgive me is this has been discussed frequently, but as I don't follow this forum regularly and "78" is too short for our search engine, I don't know what else to do :)

I have a bunch of parts for a Dual TT project, a 1210 TT, a 1214 TT, and one decent LP/78 flipover(?) cartridge (all acquired from Planet10 a few years back). Pictures to follow (even though the TT's may look incomplete, I have all the necessary parts, they were just removed for shipping).

Basically, I have 2 questions:

1) Even though the 1214 is obviously a superior TT to the 1210, is there any singular part on the 1210 that is better than the 1214 and should be swapped over?

2) Since I don't need this to be both LP and 78 service, should I do something to improve the headshell and or cartridge? Are the flipover kind bad? Are they easily modified? Can you put a conventional headshell on the arm?

Here's a picture of the 1210:


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