Project for a beginner

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I have never built a pair of speakers and I want to start with a simple and relatively cheap pair of fullranges.

The speakers will be for my bedroom. I currently have a pair of Mission M73s, but I am moving and they are a bit big for my room. I am looking to build something bookshelf sized and comparable in sound quality to the Missions. I usually use headphones and these speakers will be mainly for watching videos on the computers and background music. I generally prefer a tubey musical sound.

Can anyone suggest any designs or projects that would work well for me?

I want to build a single driver crossoverless speaker to start.

CSS FR125 look nice, but they are a little expensive for my first attempt.

I would like to keep the whole project under $100 at this point. Even less would be nice right now.

Does anyone have any cheap driver suggestions? Also, if you could tell me what type of box to start with it would be helpful ( size, ported, etc).

I am trying to search and find out for myself, but I am still trying to figure out terminology and stuff. A year or so ago I started on DIY electronics and I found the best way for me to learn is to copy and existing project and later modify as I see fit.

My first project was with the CSS WR125s and it turned out to sound better than my B&W 602s3.

If the fr125s are too expensive there are plenty of fostex to try.
There are also tons of other companies to try. You can even try and contact Dave (Planet10) he has tons of vintage drivers and I think some RadioShack 4" drivers too. There is also the full range reference project that I uses the Fostex 127 which has box designs.

I personally think its best to try designing your own box, not having a crossover means you won't be able to really mess things up. I think designing a box is the best part. You build it the way you want it to look. If you post your design the people on the website are more than happy to review your design and help you and give you pointers.

I agree, the TangBands W3-871S are far enough for multimedia purposes !

A project just like what you need :

The W3-871S cannot really go low but they have a nice bass developpement, they sound neutral (really linear) and have good highs. They are enough detailed for what you need, but don't excpect from them to equal a good headphone (Koss or those 300$ wonders).
My tenpennorth into the pot would be, Cyburgs Needle another design for a 3" drive unit. Very small, light and easy to make. I'm in the UK and made my boxes for £12 and had lots of timber over from the sheet I bought.

With the height of the needles being 35" to the centre of the driver, they are at ear level when sitting. You could try any of the drive units mentioned in the previous posts. There is also the HiVi BS3 which has a nice high QTS and 3 mm Xmax and I think it's quite inexpensive in the USA.

Good luck

The 127E's have a very special sound

I didn't feel this when I heard them. I could say they have non-linearitites in the highs (+7dB peak at 8kHz) causing a little bit tiring sound and slightly overbright voices, but they have an excellent details level and a beautiful midrange. Compared to my FX120, they have less body and are a bit more hollow and agressive, though they sound wonderful for their price. They bring you in the music with conviction I would say.
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