Project-a-gram w/ Watchman LCD/RF input

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I'm going to try this approach for a "wireless" Projector;

Project-a-gram device projects a 5 foot image at 20 foot distance.

Uses MR16 Reflector & bulb. Found 11,000(cd) 75Watt bulb for $6 life=2000 hours. EFC is the code for this brightness.

Plan to plant the Sony Watchman FDL-PT22 LCD into projector. (Projector has a slot for the cutsy film discs.) The Watchman has an RF input Jack for ext. ant. Plan to use Rabbit repeater, wireless, type device to broadcast over channel 3 from VCR to Protector.

Since I've read a bunch of the info in these treads, I think this has possibilities. If it's working, I'll pursue a better LCD source that has RF input.

Has someone already tried something like this?
parts info for the project

Bulb MR16- Not sure about color temp?
EYF 12V 75W 12°BA 11000(cd) 3050(colortemp) 2000(Hrslife) GX5.3(BASE)
better desc. of codes;
Code Volts(V) Watts(W) Beam Angle Axiscd(cd) Color Temp Life Time(H) Base
Price $6

Sony WatchMan Specs, (not much help)
I heard it was in excess of 100,000 pixelss.
RF input1 <--- For the wireless using a RABBIT box
Headphone jack
AC/DC powerAC/DC
Power consumption, max.2.8 w
Battery life, est. (3 AA)3.0 hrs
Dimensions:(H x W x D) 3 5/8"x 4 3/8" x 2 5/8" Weight 9.9oz
(H x W x D) 92mm x 111mm x 67mm Weight 0.28kg

Project-a-gram hosting LCD from Sony watchman
From an add;
You can also project your own home slides! Project-A-Gram comes with a 9" ground stake for outdoor mounting, anodized aluminum housing, a 75w lamp, and is UL-Listed. Weighs 5 lbs. and measures 4 1/2"x11".

Rabbit VCR Multiplying system for wireless concept;
Has video and audio rca connectors for composite. I can run the RCA to my PC's Video, but I think the quality will be whatever?
Costs for parts

Project-a-gram: $30
Watchman: $50
Bulb: $6
Rabbit: $20
Lexan(maybe): $?

Cost cutting;
I already have a watchman but the thing doesn't have RF input. I think I can tap it's antenna and feed RF into it. This saves me $50 and almost cuts the cost of the project in half. The resolution isn't as good though, but it tests the concept.

The Projector already comes with a bulb that throws image 20' and that maybe workable.

It maybe cool enough without Lexan.
Project-a-gram arrived

All in all this is pretty cool. You can project an image up on a wall that's pretty big. I'm gonna use it for Halloween and my 4 year old is all goo goo gah gah about it.

The size of the lcd is going to be an issue though. The Optics are set for about a one inch dia. circle source image. I'm using a 2" lcd panel from the Watchman. Got a Bell and Howell 500 slide projector, for $10, coming next week.
Sony Watchman apart

Well I got the WM apart and it's somewhat modular.

Two PCBs lay atop one another and components are sandwiched in between. Has a rigid plug connector bridging the two boards.

Light component box is separate board attached to the lower board portion of the sandwich at the top of the unit. Has a straw size flor. bulb.

LCD panel is very dark. Has a side paper thin ribbon cable and the bottom has a comb looking ribbon to the top board of the sandwich.

There is some play with the bottom so I think it may work out.

I'm kind of stuck on how to go from a coax RF to a one connector ant. place on the sandwich. Touching the two together doesn't work, (shot in the dark). Outside shielding to ground and copper wire to connector? I'm going to play with it and see what I get to work.
Rabbit Transmitter

This works better than I thought it would. RCA jack for Audio and another RCA Jack for Video. I don't really need the audio for this project so the mono sound aspect isn't an issue.

I'm only going to be going across the room, line of sight, so I expect it to work well in this wireless projector project.

Still perplexed on how to go from coax to a single lead RF on the watchman.
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